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Cool prizes for the @thebruneitimes & @royalbruneiair 787 Dreamliner Photography Competition. Go book your flight and get your camera ready folks! Have a look at rules here.

Installed PhotoSphere feature/app on my Note 2 and it is super sweet! No need for wide angle attachment lenses anymore. #photosphere #giwapp #photography #androidFTW #wideangle

Its a work thing. #giwwork #brunei #photography (at Millennium Restaurant Brunei)

More than a thousand photos received for the Brunei Through My Lens Photographic Competition. And it is so hard to choose a winner because most of them are really good. #giwwork #photography #brunei #bruneithroughmylens #bruneipress #telbru #bibd #interhouse #ogh #rba (at Brunei.Press@c.p.s)

Photography judging. It’s a work thing. #giwwork #photography #brunei #bruneipress #telbru #bruneitourism #bibd #ogh #knk #interhouse (at Brunei.Press@c.p.s)

Even if you don’t plan to be a full time photographer, this will be a good deal to learn the basics. #jenstudiobn #socialdealbn #brunei #photography (at Bandar Seri Begawan)

Professional storm chaser.

This would be my dream job! 

via CNN Photos - Blogs

Lytro: The Most Social Camera Ever Made 

Simply awesome! What makes this camera so special? It’s the outcome of the photo. Try clicking on the front Stormtrooper then the rest of the photo and you’ll see how cool Lytro is.

From the middle field of Taman SOAS. #LoveBrunei28th #Brunei

A panoramic view around Taman SOAS. #LoveBrunei28th.

Taken with a Samsung Galaxy Note using 360 app and edited with PicSay Pro.

Polaroid SC1630 Smart Camera.

Powered by ANDROID. Polaroid is clever to come up with this. I bet it won’t be long till we see the likes of Samsung and Panasonic to come up with a version of this. Kodak should’ve done this way earlier, such a pity they declared bankruptcy recently.

via Uncrate

National Geographic Photography Contest Winners: 2011.

Amazing photos! You gotta click on the jump to see it large. The photo above is the Grand Prize and Nature Winner. My personal favorite is the Places Winner photo.

via The Big Picture -

Inside North Korea.

Simply wow! The photos are amazingly eerie but fascinating at the same time. It is almost unbelievable that these photos are taken in April this year. And below is how the South Korea skyline is currently. What a whole world of difference huh?

[photo source]

via Alan Taylor - In Focus - The Atlantic

If you’re keen on photography, I’m sure doing studio shoots is something you want to get into to. So why not give this a go, Hanisham is one of the well established photographer in Brunei and runs a cool white studio called aptly White Room Studio ( I’ve yet to visit it!) which I think is a perfect training ground if you wanna have a feel to studio shoots.

In my effort to raise the fund for Hope 2 Walk Charity, I am doing a very cheap studio class for 4 hours. Experience the studio shooting environment and learn the technique of using different king of lighting equipment, communication with the team (model, assistant, MUA) and also u can put up the picture you took as your portfolio. Limited seats available. Registration is already Open. - Hanisham

Photo of the day: LOVE OF PARENTS.

The emperor penguins fight for survival and to protect their only baby in the frozen Antarctic ice desert. Antarctica: Atka Bay, Weddell Sea. (Photo and caption by Claus Possberg/National Geographic Photo Contest).

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