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I'm an internet addict and this is where I share the things I've found online. Be it tech news, gadgets, hollywood gossips, designs or anything random that sparks my interest - kinda like my public bookmark. Occasionally, I'll share my thoughts on certain issues, my travels/adventures in foreign land and what's happening (promos/events) in Brunei. I hope for us to share the knowledge we've learned through feedbacks and comments from all so that we can help educate each other in many ways. Please feel free to ask anything and if you think you have something to share with everyone, please do get in-touch with me. I'm always game when it comes to a win-win arrangement.

In 2010 I was awarded as the 2nd most popular blogger in Borneo by Borneo Colors.

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Posts tagged giwweather

Fake or real? #flood #giwweather #realorfake #swimming (at GIW LOL)

No doubt the hottest pics floating via Whatsapp is the flooding scenes all around the country. It is very heartbreaking to see them but mind you, some are also faked, like the croc-in-the-drain shown above. I admit i was fooled so do be wary of what you receive/forward to others. I do hope the rain will pass soon and high water will subside. #giwweather #flooding #hoax #brunei (at Bandar Seri Begawan | بندر سري بڬاوان)

And just when I got to MPC, it pours! #rainrainrain #wetwetwet #giwweather #brunei #mpc (at Pejabat Pos Dan Pusat Memproses Mel)

Wet.. Lacah.. Basah.. #giwweather #rain #brunei (at Bandar Seri Begawan | بندر سري بڬاوان)

Ok the plan is to; pick up food at Taty’s Cafe, eat food and go back to bed! #giwweather #giwclouds #clouds #skyporn (at Soon Lee Megamart, Kampong Lambak)

Aftermath of last night’s strong winds to the Gerai Ramdhan at Jln 77 near my place. #giwhome #giwweather #brunei #lambakkanan (at Dewan Kemasrakyatan)

Suddenly stormy. #giwweather #brunei (at Fitness Zone Kiulap)

Just thought I’d use this skin because I love WWZ hehe.. #giwweather #brunei #bandarseribegawan #rain (at Bandar Seri Begawan | بندر سري بڬاوان)

Rain some more please.. #becauseaokineedsawash #giwweather #rain #brunei (at Pusar Ulak Crossroads)

Just two days ago we had our usual beautiful blue skies.. #haze #damnitstopburning #bandarseribegawan #brunei #giwclouds #giwweather (at Bandar Seri Begawan | بندر سري بڬاوان)

Hazy. I hope it rains. Good Thursday ya’ll. #nofilter #giwweather #haze #weather #brunei (at DST Headquarters)

so glad I didn’t wash my car today.. altho aoki badly needs one. #rain #giwweather (at Manglait Gadong)

it is definitely gonna be a wet week. lets hope it won’t be really bad. #giwweather #brunei (at Bandar Seri Begawan | بندر سري بڬاوان)

Good Thursday ya’ll! #giwweather #giwclouds (at PomPom Fish & Chips)

Good Tuesday folks! #giwweather #camweather (at DST HQ Level 10 Product & Marketing)

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