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I'm an internet addict and this is where I share the things I've found online. Be it tech news, gadgets, hollywood gossips, designs or anything random that sparks my interest - kinda like my public bookmark. Occasionally, I'll share my thoughts on certain issues, my travels/adventures in foreign land and what's happening (promos/events) in Brunei. I hope for us to share the knowledge we've learned through feedbacks and comments from all so that we can help educate each other in many ways. Please feel free to ask anything and if you think you have something to share with everyone, please do get in-touch with me. I'm always game when it comes to a win-win arrangement.

In 2010 I was awarded as the 2nd most popular blogger in Borneo by Borneo Colors.

If you have any feedback, comments, suggestions or networking proposals for this site, please do get in-touch with me. I would be happy to entertain your enquiries

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#RESPECT #nursesrock #nuffsaid #giwrandom (at GIW Random)

Pick up. #giwrandom #bwn #bruneiairport #airport #brunei #cbtl #cbtlbrunei #photosphere #giwphotosphere (at Brunei International Airport, Arrival Hall Waiting Area)

Since everyone is posting one.. #halo #giwrandom #brunei (at Bandar Seri Begawan | بندر سري بڬاوان)

Let it burn.. let it burrnnn.. #giwrandom

Hmmm.. no wonder I see a familiar face with a camera crew just now when I was walking around in Bandar! Must try and stalk him later 😄

By @thanislim “It’s about time!! Welcome to BRUNEI Mr Bourdain! You will enjoy our delicious ambuyat and awesome night markets!” via @PhotoRepost_app #giwrandom

Which currency next? #giwrandom (at Liyana Money Changer)

One of the treasure found from the sunken 15th century ship of the great Emperor Ming..

..nahhh just kidding, just a deco at Emperor’s Court 😆 #giwrandom #emperorscourt (at Emperor’s Court 帝皇阁)

Poor chained elephant. But why do they need to that? What is the use of the big compound and pond when the elephant can’t enjoy it? #cruel #elephant #giwrandom #stopanimalcruelty #jerudong (at Tarindak D’ Pantai Cafe)

If you’re thinking of picking up your package at MPC now, good luck! Only one person manning the counter! #mpc #FAIL #giwrandom #brunei (at Pejabat Pos Dan Pusat Memproses Mel)

Amazing how only ONE guy is manning the post when there’s at least 50 customers here trying to collect their stuff at MPC. I admire how calm the guy is tho, thumbs up to him but this is just a big #FAIL. #giwrandom #mpc #inefficient #brunei (at Pejabat Pos Dan Pusat Memproses Mel)

If I own that bouncer, I’d open it up and let anyone play for as long as they want for only a dollar. Bouncer + rain + shower gel = EPIC. #titanic #bouncer #giwrandom #rain #brunei #bunut (at Bunut Filling Station)

Even The Mall’s basement parking is not spared of a little flood. #reflection #themallgadong #giwrandom #brunei (at The Mall)

This is plain stupid and butt ugly! If you don’t have the talent for graffiti, please just go scribble on your own property! #dumbass #vandals #giwrandom (at Bandar Seri Begawan | بندر سري بڬاوان)

I wonder what is on fire? #giwrandom #bandarseribegawan (at Bandar Seri Begawan | بندر سري بڬاوان)

Good (wet) Monday folks! #giwrandom #justsaying (at GIW Random)

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