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I'm an internet addict and this is where I share the things I've found online. Be it tech news, gadgets, hollywood gossips, designs or anything random that sparks my interest - kinda like my public bookmark. Occasionally, I'll share my thoughts on certain issues, my travels/adventures in foreign land and what's happening (promos/events) in Brunei. I hope for us to share the knowledge we've learned through feedbacks and comments from all so that we can help educate each other in many ways. Please feel free to ask anything and if you think you have something to share with everyone, please do get in-touch with me. I'm always game when it comes to a win-win arrangement.

In 2010 I was awarded as the 2nd most popular blogger in Borneo by Borneo Colors.

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Our lil’ amoi Alanna loves her books. She makes herself at home everytime when she’s at a bookstore. Glad to say she doesn’t need a tablet to keep her entertained. #alannabatrisyaon #giwfamily #cutenessoverload #giwIGvid

The lil boss concentrating hard on Pocoyo.. like a #bawse as always. #alannabatrisyaon #giwfamily #cutenessoverload #igbabies (at GIW Family)

A sunny -10°C in NYC as this two camera-shy brats walk to school. Missing their annoying arguing noise so much. #giwfamily (at GIW Family)

My sister just send this view from the apartment. Snow storm in NYC again. It is estimated to snow at 3 inches per hour! Don’t you wish we have it too now? 😁 #giwfamily #giwnyc #newyork

Dudududuu.. #giwfamily (at Kampong Bunut)

Alanna’s reading class at Nini Girl’s Kindergarten. Control munjung moii. #alannabatrisyaon #giwfamily #cutenessoverload #igbabies

Ghah & Rayyah off to school, which is only 25 floors down from their apartment. #imissnyc #giwnyc #giwfamily #nyc

Our lil’ amoi ready to go for some angpow collection. Got the dress for her during one of my travels. #giwfamily #alannabatrisyaon #cutenessoverload #igbabies #cny2014 #adorable (at GIW Family)

Fortunately, just part of it is sunken. #alfatihah #missyoudad #giwfamily (at Kubur Ujung Bukit)

Land breaking prayers before first piling. Alhamdulillah 😊 #giwfamily #anotherhome (at Kampong Bunut)

Oh how I wish I’m in #NYC with them right now! #giwfamily #giwnyc #snow #giwnyc (at GIW Family)

My nephew and niece enjoying the snow storm (again) in #NYC. #giwfamily #snowstorm #newyork (at GIW Family)

Lil amoi is officially 1 years old. Her screams are loud and sharp that I can even hear it from my room. She is also always eager to walk altho she still can’t find the skills to stable herself. Much love babygirl 😘 #alannabatrisyaon #giwfamily #cutenessoverload #igbabies (at GIW Family)

My sister just sent us this view from the apartment. The snowstorm has died down and temperature is -12°C, although according to weather reports it actually feels like -20°C! Boy I sure would like to know how that feels! #giwnyc #giwfamily #weather #snowstorm (at GIW NYC)

Lil chubby cheeks made it to NYC. Missing you lil brats so much! #giwfamily #giwnyc #snow #nyc (at GIW NYC)

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