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I'm an internet addict and this is where I share the things I've found online. Be it tech news, gadgets, hollywood gossips, designs or anything random that sparks my interest - kinda like my public bookmark. Occasionally, I'll share my thoughts on certain issues, my travels/adventures in foreign land and what's happening (promos/events) in Brunei. I hope for us to share the knowledge we've learned through feedbacks and comments from all so that we can help educate each other in many ways. Please feel free to ask anything and if you think you have something to share with everyone, please do get in-touch with me. I'm always game when it comes to a win-win arrangement.

In 2010 I was awarded as the 2nd most popular blogger in Borneo by Borneo Colors.

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Awesome fun being on air at @kristalfm with Dj Tina! #giwkfm #kristalfm (at KFM Studio)


By @anakbrunei “First day done and dusted… #Suckmed #RayaBrunei2014 
Don’t forget to tune in to #KristalFM for the epic battle between the DJs and the Bloggers TOMORROW at 4pm!” via @PhotoRepost_app (at DST Headquaters)

Guess who’s on air at @kristalfm now for the next 2 hours or so? Yes, yours truly with @alingms a.k.a Dj Tina. Oh there’s cool prizes to be won for the ‘cue-to-call’ like air tickets to Bali! #giwkfm #kristalfm (at KFM Studio)

It was the first color I saw on the rack. Don’t know from which year is this tho. #giwootd #RayaBrunei2014 #OOTD #giwRaya

Breakfast before the usual visiting starts. Have a good first day Raya y’all! #giweats #bruneifoodies #lovefoodhatewaste #RayaBrunei2014

Sweetness from Saadeddin Pastry. Thanks @mag3004 & @kcchong 😊 #giweats #sweets

My nephew in New York posted this. The crowd was too big so they had to perform the Raya prayers outdoor on a basketball court.

#Repost After sembahyang hari raya. It was at the park because there were a lot of people and it was held by masjid medina. It’s just wonderful. Selamat hari raya / happy eid mubarak! #newyork #selamathariraya #happyeidmubarak #sembahyanghariraya #giwfamily (at GIW Family)

Watching it in Bahasa Melayu. Pretty good I must say. #despicableme2 #giwmovies #movies

Wishing everyone a happy and joyous Raya. Have fun and be safe always folks! #giwRaya #RayaBrunei2014 #brunei (at Brunei Darussalam)

Last #giwSungkai2014 this year, homemade Nasi Lemak. #giweats #bruneifoodies #lovefoodhatewaste #foodspotting #brunei #sungkai2014 (at Dadap Hills)

Wow! Angry clouds. Be safe peeps. #giwclouds #clouds #stormy #weather #giwweather (at Perindustrian Lambak Kanan)

Time to go home I guess. #giwrandom #alarm

It looks like it’s gonna be a stormy one folks. Be safe please. #stormy #giwweather #giwIGvid #weather (at Bander Seri Begawan - Brunei Darrussalam)

Almost 2 hours of oldskool Raya songs!

The yellow ones are Durian Sukang, from Temburong, it’s like a mix of white & yellow and is also not cheap. Soooooo creamy and addictive! #giweats #bruneifoodies #lovefoodhatewaste #foodspotting #durian

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