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I'm an internet addict and this is where I share the things I've found online. Be it tech news, gadgets, hollywood gossips, designs or anything random that sparks my interest - kinda like my public bookmark. Occasionally, I'll share my thoughts on certain issues, my travels/adventures in foreign land and what's happening (promos/events) in Brunei. I hope for us to share the knowledge we've learned through feedbacks and comments from all so that we can help educate each other in many ways. Please feel free to ask anything and if you think you have something to share with everyone, please do get in-touch with me. I'm always game when it comes to a win-win arrangement.

In 2010 I was awarded as the 2nd most popular blogger in Borneo by Borneo Colors.

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My bro-in-law in New York just shared this photo via WhatsApp. It is indeed not entirely the Ukrainians fault, just the few mindless power-hungry so-called soldiers. So sad when innocent lives were murdered because of a political conflict! #prayforMH17 #giwspeaks #mh17 #downwithputin (at GIW Online)

Hey @theellenshow @jayleno @richardbranson , even a young girl like Selena Gomez has the heart to voice her opinion towards a real travesty to HUMAN RIGHTS! You guys are just cowards, only speaking up where it benefits your fame and status! Shame on you!

It’s LIVE!

By @officialwcopabrunei “Cheer for Team Brunei Darussalam at the Grand Finals of WCOPA 2014. Log on to 10am today, Saturday. #wcopa #wcopa2014 #brunei @officialwcopa @ranoadidas” via @PhotoRepost_app #giwwcopa (at GIW Online)

JIBO - The World’s First Family Robot.

I’d like one please! Kinda reminds me of that ‘Her’ movie.

Junking it! #thismouthisonfire #giweats

Finally found some salted egg at a Sungkai Buffet. #giweats #bruneifoodies #lovefoodhatewaste #foodspotting #sungkai2014 #brunei (at Park View Hotel)

#giwSungkai2014 today at.. (guess where?). #giweats #sungkai2014 #brunei

Jason Biggs Made a Very Insensitive Joke About the Malaysia Airlines Crash 

It seems like a cliche now that every time there’s a tragedy, celebrities are the most insensitive people around. Remember, no matter how BIG of a superstar you are, when there are deaths involved, NEVER make a joke related to it! DUH!

Repost via @liyanayus_fanclub: Don’t miss the opportunity to Berbuka Puasa with Yasmine & cast a.k.a. Liyana Yus & Nadiah. See you there soon! @liyanayus @yasminethemovie @nnnnnadiah #liyanayusfanclub #liyanayus #yasminethemovie #originfilms #brunei (at GIW Brunei)

#giwSungkai2014 today at Seri Damai (Pakistani Food) Restaurant. My first time here and apparently it is a favorite of many. #giweats #bruneifoodies #lovefoodhatewaste #brunei #sungkai2014 #damairestaurant (at Seri Damai Restaurant (Pakistani Food))

Ermmm.. Germany United? #giwrandom #LOL #giwlol (at GIW Random)

Israel Commits War Crimes While World Turns A Blind Eye | Interview with Harry Fear

~ I’m only happy when it’s complicated ~ #soundtracking #giwsoundtracking #90s #garbage (at GIW Music)

Sometimes I would just lay in bed admiring this small Coca-Cola collection of mine for a long time. #giwcoke #cocacola #coke (at GIW Coke)

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