How many of you Bruneians have never been to Temburong? I betcha theres a lot, like our very own No.1 Brunei Social Blogger, Mr. Ranoadidas who finally set foot in Temburong for the first time ever yesterday (13/11/10) when some of us bloggers (Maurina, Kurapak & AnakBrunei) were invited to the Temburong District Office for a press conference for the upcoming festival.

So if you’ve never explored Temburong, this Temburong Bisai Festival would be a good time to start your Kenali Negara Kitani journey. As you can see from the image above, there is lots of fun and interesting activities already planned by the Temburong District Office with the help of Majlis Perundingan Mukim and the Brunei Tourism Development Board.

From the Half Marathon which offers B$1K for Men and $800.00 for Women to the - ala Amazing Race - Explorasi Temburong where contestants will be taken form Mukim to Mukim to complete such task as rubber harvesting, preparing ambuyat, ngajat dancing amongst others. More infos about these events, go  here to the Temburong Bisai Facebook profile for the latest updates or if you’ve got questions to ask.

I’m hoping to be able to at least cover or participate in one of the events, us bloggers are interested to experience the Longhouse Homestay program actually. I don’t have details about it as yet, but I’ll be sure to blog about it soon. Lastly, on behalf of the bloggers who attended the press con yesterday, I would like to say thanks to the Temburong District Office for the invite. We salute your move in entrusting bloggers as a media channel to promote your event. Big up!

Authorkamarul ajimain