I don’t understand why we must insist non-muslims to not eat/drink openly during Ramadhan at allocated places. Why must they be penalised for what is their basic daily human rights? Does Islam allow us to burden others while we do our ‘Ibadah’? Didn’t Islam teach us to be tolerant and have compassion towards others even when they are not of the same religion? Is our ‘Iman’ that fragile that we would easily break our fast upon seeing someone eating? If the sight of people eating is a sign of no respect to those who fast, then why is RTB showing cooking shows like Masterchef during the day? Why are cooking channels on Astro not banned to be shown during fasting times? I think it is all just one of the many ‘cobaan’ during Ramadhan that we should endure. I’m sure everyone knows that the greatest challenge to our ‘puasa’ is the moment we pick up our phones and get on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and others, right?

I do not want to have a guilty conscience where I fast and the livelihood of non-muslims are threatened. And by right, Muslim owned restaurants should be able to do the same. Not everyone of them can get a spot at a Gerai Ramadhan to conduct their business and doing take-aways doesn’t cover their daily operation cost. If their job/business is to serve food, I’m sure they would still want to do it even when they’re fasting, because it’s a halal way of supporting themselves. Asking them to not do so is in a way ‘menutup pintu rezeki mereka’.

Authorkamarul ajimain