BlackBerry in Brunei - too little too late? Some would say yes but I’m sure it is still quite an anticipated service here in Brunei. It is sort of an open secret that DST will be the one providing this service. And from what I’ve heard, they are all postpaid plans. You can either get the the phone + service package or just the service itself if you have the phone already. I’m assuming you might need to have a DSTCom postpaid account in the first place to sign-up for one.

I see the main subscribers to this will be the corporate (& government?) sectors as I remember reading about two Enterprise plans on top of a consumer plan. A company might get it’s staff on the BB plan so they could push emails or notifications instantly, eliminating the need to do the hardcopy office memo circulation - which in the long run will save the company on paper expenditure and at the same time help them be green. Brunei is not so much of the email culture yet like Malaysia or Singapore, but I know most companies are now utilizing it full-on.

I don’t know what the pricing is like, so we’re just going to have to wait when DST launches the service this Friday (3/12/10) which will be followed by their 3 days Carnival at the Bridex Hall from 3rd - 5th Dec this weekend. I heard there is going to be loads of amazing offer for iPhone 4, iPad and laptop packages too.

It’s a carnival not to be missed. Being an ex-DST employee, I can assure you DST always go all-out when it comes to their carnival. From their lucky draws to their special guests, it will surely a blast again. Anyway, more updates the soonest I have it :)

Authorkamarul ajimain