Check-out: Swiss-Bel Inn Hotel. The first of the many early morning calls. We were gathered at the lobby by 545 am, half asleep but all eager to go.

Breakfast was on-the-go. The first of the many meal-in-a-box. This is breakfast Indonesian style.

20160723_061850 copy.jpg

Another first of the many Garuda Indonesia flights on this #TripOfWonders

And guess who was on our flight? Marcell!

After 2hrs 25mins, we arrived in Makassar. 

After about half an hour, we reached our first stop in Makassar, Bantimurung Waterpark. The park is located in the Masros Regency, 50 km north of Makassar. The main attraction is the waterfall with 2 caves, one 1 km long and the other known as the stone cave.

It was the weekend, so naturally there were a lot of people. Schools doing their field trips and families having their weekend picnics. 

Make sure you explore the caves when you're in Bantimurung. It is quite spacious and won't make you feel claustrophobic..

After 3 hours or so, we made our way back to the 2nd hotel of the trip. 

After a long shower and a little rest, it was dinner time at RM Bahari. 

And Bruneians being Bruneians, Maurina and I made our way to largest mall in Makassar, Transmall Makassar. We also dragged Sarah and Jelito along. And that's the story of Day 1. Tomorrow, off to the islands.

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